“When we dream alone it is just a dream. But when we dream together it is the beginning of a new reality”

In the course  of my  life I have had  the opportunity to  visit several countries and interesting  places;  however, to my surprise and disappointment, I have never found a specific organization intended to render tribute to Music, which plays such an important part in our lives. 
For years I have been trying  to convey the idea of establishing an area where this wonderful sound-musical Universe might be broached on a wider range.
The  moment  has come  to  broadcast  this  project,  if  it were to  become a reality,  it would  bring  precious  moments of  entertainment and learning to thousands of people in the world.  I should feel rewarded if this ideal were to come true. 

Below are some suggested topics


To recreate the environments showing different periods in history, including replicas of the main historical centers

  • Noises and Primitive Sounds
  • The Origins of Music
  • Evolving of the Music Through the Times
  • Sacred Music, Gregorian Chants
  • Troubadours
  • Chorus
  • The World of Waltz
  • The Great Classical Composers
  • Operas
  • Ballet

Musical Instruments

  • Background and Development
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Instruments Exhibition
  • Bizarre Instruments
  • Music Boxes


  • Background and History
  • Types of Orchestra
  • Music Maestro – A tribute to the greatest conductors
  • Virtual Orchestra – people may participate



  • Gramophones
  • Radio Days
  • The Movie and TV industry
  • Great Musicals
  • Big Bands

Songs and Singers 

  • A special tribute to songs and singers 
  • Film Tracks, TV Programs, Musicals
  • Shows

Music Makers

  • A tribute to the famous composers Showing Film Tracks, TV Programs, Shows

Media and Music

  • The Market on Sounds
  • Record Players, CD and DVD Players
  • Cinema, TV (Soundtracks, Video Clips)
  • Keyboard, Midi, Samplers, etc.
  • Sound Engeneering
  • Multimedia
  • Music Park Internet Site
  • Exhibitions and Shows

Recording Studio

  • To set up a professional recording studio where people will have a chance to follow this process
    step by step. – In a mini studio they may record something as a souvenir


In a virtual environment to show the diverse sounds and singing in nature

A Farm Opera  

  • A hilarious opera performed by animatronic animals

Birds and Violins  

  • To simulate a romantic environment peopled by birds and violinists

The Marine Sea phony  

  • To show the many sounds in the underwater world

Echoes of Universe

An Enormous Planetarium could be built to exhibit some subjects, such as:

  • Listening to the Stars
  • Music of the Galaxies    
  • Cosmic Harmony


  • Hearing the world – The functioning of the auditory system
  • Auditory Memory
  • Musical Memory
  • The Human Voice – The wonderful system of the vocal cords
  • Application of music in healing diseases
  • Psychoacoustics
  • Biomusic


  • Music therapy
  • Music and Aura
  • Application in meditation and altered states of consciousness
  • Sound Wave Energy
  • Om Sound, Mantras
  • Wind Chimes

Comfort Zone

  • An indescribable musical-sound experience intended to make people feel relaxed
    by simulating special situations of comfort and well-being


  • Relationship to Mathematics and Physics
  • Vibration, Acoustics
  • Effect of Music on Plants
  • Sound Phenomena – e.g.” Trumpets of Jericoh “
  • Resonant Macrosonic Synthesis (RMS)

Experimental Music

  • Fractal Music
  • Electro Acoustics
  • Brain Opera


A window for music in the world showing, art, culture, and folklore of diverse countries

  • Musical Instruments from different nations
  • Magical cults and rituals from some people

Lands and Bands

  • Presentation of bands and typical groups

Latin Zone

  • Area intended to be a tribute to the rich and absorbing music of the Latin peoples

Festival of Nations

  • To promote international events to divulge the music, dance and gastronomy of several peoples


Lots of fun for the kids

  • Musical Instruments in Miniature
  • Musical Tales
  • Do-Re-Mi TV- Program Live to afford an opportunity for the children to display their talents



  • An amazing sound experience, with many special effects, such as:
    3-D, Virtual Reality, Animatronics, Lively Shows

Show Boat

  • To build an enormous lake where typical boat might offer many shows

Music in the Air

  • Music live, concerts in a huge zeppelin

Other Shows

  • Music and Colors
  • Light & Sound
  • Scents and Sounds
  • Glasses and Bottles
  • Exotic Instruments


  • The Park could be surrounded by a beautiful garden with plants pared in the shape of musical instruments and symbol. Musicians would also play the violin, flute, harp etc


College of Music

  • To build a music teaching center. Students may work or perform in the park to finance their studies


  • Musicals, Concerts, Recitals, Ballet, Operas
  • Festivals – Classical, Jazz  etc
  • Competitions to promote new talents
  • Speeches

Night Life

Entertainment area including bars, restaurants, discos, and many other attractions such as:

  • Cabaret
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Bourbon Street – Jazz & Blues
  • The Fifties
  • Piano Bars
  • Country Saloon
  • Videoke
  • Hot Zone – Pop, Rock, Heavy Metal


  • Radio & TV channel to promote attractions, both in the park and in the World

JON LEDER – Composer